The open forums scheduled for January 19th (Spanish) and January 20th are postponed to a future date.

District Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Job Title Staff Email Location
Mary Abbott Teacher [email protected]

South High School

Elisa Abelson Teacher [email protected]

South High School

Rosa Abraham Teacher [email protected]

Burncoat High School

Joselyn Acevedo Teacher [email protected]


Sheela Acharya-Carmody Teacher [email protected]


Vanessa Acheampong Teacher [email protected]

North High School

Sandra Ackerman School Nurse [email protected]

Rice Square

Jessica Adamowicz Department Head [email protected]

Durkin Administration

Laura Adams Teacher [email protected]


Jennifer Adams Teacher [email protected]


Karla Adorno Teacher [email protected]


Benjamin Adwetewa-Badu Teacher [email protected]

South High School

Julie Agbay Teacher [email protected]

Burncoat Elementary

Paula Agbey Teacher [email protected]

Flagg Street

Michelle Aghdam Teacher [email protected]

Burncoat Elementary

Christopher Aghjayan Department Head [email protected]

Durkin Administration

Molly Aguilar Teacher [email protected]

Chandler Elementary

Tony Aguilar Teacher [email protected]

Sullivan Middle School

Veronica Alache Teacher [email protected]

Gerald Creamer Center - Evening High School

Marielena Albano Certified Physical Therapy Assistant - PTA [email protected]