Dr. Monárrez Welcome Message and Entry Plan

Burncoat UNITES

Unifying New Instrumentalists Through El Sistema


Sectionals; lessons; orchestra; homework time; snack; master classes in jazz, folk music, music theory and more.

Open to all WPS student instrumentalists in grade 4-9. This program is for students who have played their instrument for at least one year.


Burncoat Middle School
135 Burncoat Street, Worcester


Wednesdays and Thursdays
October 9, 2019 - March 26, 2020
2-5 PM

The program starts at 2pm. Students may arrive anytime between 2PM and 3:30PM.

What are the goals of UNITES?

Be a better citizen - Take initiative. Be responsible. Work together to solve problems. Be a positive role model for others.

Be an expressive artist - Challenge yourself musically and expressively. Learn to communicate through music. Perform masterworks with passion and expertise.

Be a thoughtful scholar - Develop consistent study habits. Learn to communicate more effectively with peers, adults and the community. Share your own knowledge with others.

El Sistema is:

Through rigorous and challenging musical and behavioral expectations, access to quality instruction and repertoire, and an environment of responsibility and collaboration students develop a new awareness of their own potential and their responsibility to their community to effect social change.


FORMS ARE DUE October 9 - Please return this form to your school music teacher.


Email Lisa at [email protected]