The Business Technology Program

North High School

The Business Technology career pathway at North High School integrates marketing concepts, computer applications, and office practices and procedures that will provide students with a solid foundation in the business world. With the emergence of sophisticated business technologies, a new breed of business professional is now required in the workplace. Students are offered a wide range of practical, hands-on learning opportunities that include the use of office machines and software programs, keyboarding and filing skills, as well as the creation and manipulation of business documents and spreadsheets. Experience in the creation of visual presentations and supports with the nuances of presenting to an audience prepares students for the world of work, as well as the college classroom. Desktop publishing, website construction and social media round out students’ digital skills and knowledge. Students additionally become versed in accounting functions, business math, and a variety of financial decision-making strategies. North creates a foundation for students to start their own business after high school, obtain entry-level positions in the business sector of their preference, or continue training by pursuing higher education.

Course offerings with descriptions

Introduction to Business

Health and Safety practices

Communication in the


Computer technology





Social media

Exploring Business Information Systems

Cyberbullying/Internet safety

Customer relations





Mobile technologies

Product development


Personal/business finance

Business Information Systems

Promoting a business

Building, editing and maintain a website

Conducting business online

Role of social media in business

Laws and regulations

Business in the global marketplace

Financial statements

Conducting meetings

STB Internship

20-week hands-on internship in a school-based position or at a local business/organization. Offers the student real-world experience and the opportunity to put their skills and knowledge to use in an authentic setting.

Cooperative Education and Internship Opportunities

All eligible students have the opportunity to participate in Cooperative Education and Internship experiences at a variety of approved learning sites across the city in their junior and/or senior year.  While the requirements and specific opportunities vary from school to school, and program to program, the structured combination of classroom based education and practical work experience provides students with the skills necessary to comfortably navigate the world of work.  Some of the internship and cooperative education opportunities students have experience have been made possible by the following partnership/s:

  • Alpha Travel
  • Dowditch and Dewey
  • Community Legal Aid
  • Ecotarium
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Plumley Village

Career Opportunities

  • Accounting
  • Business Technology Instructor
  • Receptionist
  • Office Manager
  • Insurance/business/legal offices
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Data Entry Specialist
  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant